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"a web mapping application for the discovery, interrogation and mapping of natural and cultural resource data and information".

The new version of NR Maps is now available!

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User guides

Several users guides have been created to improve user experience, especially for those that are unfamiliar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or web mapping applications.

Features of the new NR Maps NT:

  • New universal resource locator (URL)
  • Users can download certain GIS data
  • 45 new data layers and growing
  • Improved data frame, map image resolution, and printing facilities
  • Quick search for land parcels and bores
  • More tools such as buffering, selection, and redline
  • NT aerial photography background
  • Mining titles, BOM's Geofabric and NT Department of Mines selected GIS layers
  • Dept. Lands Planning and Environment layers.

NR Maps NT enables you to select themes of data, display their geographical extent on a map and view the information or data available (features or attributes) for each individual data point or polygon.

  • Reference and context is provided by base layers, including land administration, infrastructure, geology and topography.
  • Functions include zooming, panning and spatial selecting and identifying of features, and basic map creating.
  • Simple search functions for each theme of data exist to enable text based searching or filtering of feature attributes and display of the result of the search on the map.

CAUTION: The NR Maps NT website contains pop-up windows.
If the pop-up blocker in your web browser is turned ON, pop-up windows will not display. To use this site, turn OFF the pop-up blocker. (Select Tools menu, then Pop-up Blocker)

About the data: NR Maps NT displays data that is in a suitable digital format from the contributing custodians. Many datasets are in the process of being populated and additional data may become available from the custodian in the future. LRM data custodians are encouraged to contribute their data to NR Maps NT.