Alice Springs Water Efficiency Study

Department of Land Resource Management, in partnership with Power and Water, is working to help Alice Springs residents, businesses and schools become more Waterwise.

Our research shows that Alice Springs residents want better, more cost effective solutions to stop wasting water. Installing more water-efficient fixtures, changing wasteful behaviours and repairing leaks not only reduces water bills but also reduces the demand on our underground aquifers.

A detailed Water Efficiency Study for Alice Springs was commissioned in 2001 by the Department of Natural Resources Environment, the Arts and Sport (NRETAS) and Power and Water, in line with recommendations from the Alice Springs Urban Water Reference Group.

The recommendations of the study are used to make decisions about water efficiency programs and conservation objectives.

All three stages of the study are available here for download.


Stages 1 and 2
Executive Summary(pdf 178Kb)
Full Report(pdf 5Mb)
Stage 3
Executive Summary(pdf 950Kb)
Full Report(pdf 4.6Mb)

Cover image of Alice Springs Water Efficiency Study III