Declared Weeds in the Northern Territory

A declared weed is a plant or species of plant which has been identified for control, eradication, or prevention of entry in all or part of the Territory under the Northern Territory Weeds Management Act 2001 (the Act). A person may apply for a permit to use a declared weed under section 30 of the Act.

Weeds that are not declared may also have an impact on the Territory’s economic, environmental, social and cultural values. For information on how to identify and control weeds contact the Weed Management Branch on 08 8999 4567, or email

New declarations, and the area to which they apply, are published in the Northern Territory Government Gazette. A weed may be declared as:

  • Class A To be eradicated
  • Class B Growth and spread to be controlled
  • Class C Not to be introduced to the Territory

All Class A and Class B weeds are also considered to be Class C weeds.

For specific requirements of each class, refer to section 7(4) of the Act.

The below document lists the weeds that are currently declared in the Northern Territory. The last change to these lists occurred on 14th August 2013.